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Broken NCP

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A few weeks ago there was a dramatic partial collapse of a NCP in Nottingham. Thankfully the collapse happened at 04:00Hrs and no one was about. The other night I had a little wander around the car park on a quiet night. The carpark remains closed and will do until about December.

Dusty cars

23644936138_7b4aba668f_b.jpgCar Park by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

23644936168_da867b5d45_b.jpgDusty Focus by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

23644936178_87f0cf7c70_b.jpgFake Mini by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

Point of collapse

23644936188_23aec3a284_b.jpgCollapse by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

Work stuff

23644936198_328803c658_b.jpgWork by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

The big picture

23644936208_db14c9effb_b.jpgLevels by Richard Ashton, on Flickr

That's all from your roving reporter:lol:

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