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Abandoned Colliery, Warwickshire

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This place was a coal mine which opened in 1956. It is located in Warwickshire. The mine was once Britain's biggest coal producer. On 7 March 2013 the owner, UK Coal, announced the mine would be closed following a major fire. It was the last remaining colliery in the West Midlands.

Below is a picture which I believe was taken in 2011. 

Sometime in November, 2017. Me and some friends found a way into the colliery grounds. Most of the machinery you see in the picture has been removed. Though some buildings still remain.

Boarded mine entries also remain. We ventured down deep underground. The tunnels went on for miles. We walked for around 45 minutes before turning back and making our way out.

There is a small office with tons of documents still left behind. As well as some early technology.

We found a relatively large gap in the floor which led down into an extremely narrow, pitch black tunnel. The tunnels resemble a sewer system but no sewage is or has been passed through there. The tunnels are so narrow that we had to walk in single file. After we emerged from these tunnels we scanned a few more buildings but most are completely empty and decayed.

This is definitely a brilliant place to explore. Me and my friends are going back very soon to explore a second time with the right equipment as we actually found it while out on a drive.

If you’re a fan of underground locations or even just mines in general. This is a must-visit place.


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