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    • I thought they made Hoovers????
      I like that a lot, Cracking pics. and fab write up. Those boots look like they still have some wear in them. many thanks for sharing your post. WB.
    • I thought they made Hoovers????
      Looks like you had a good morning out 
    • I thought they made Hoovers????
      This once-thriving factory, owned by the northern brick company which helped to build Britain's industrial might, now lies crumbling and forgotten. The deserted Dyson ceramics factory, which at its peak employed thousands of brickmakers, is still full of items reminiscent of a golden age of British industry. The building, in Sheffield, closed its doors in 2006 and since then the gutted remains have been left to rust. The Dyson Group, founded by John Dyson, opened their first factory in Sheffield in 1834 at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution, before later
      moving to this site.

      The Dyson Group was founded by John Dyson in Stannington back in 1834. Dyson was born in Sheffield in 1777 and was baptised in St Peter's, Sheffield on the 28th of May 1777, he died on the 24th of December 1851 and is buried in Christ Church, Stannington. The business was a success from the word go,
      creating ceramics for the local steel industry and homes. Very little can be said in the way of history as Dysons would go on successfully creating ceramics
      using the same traditional method of gas fired kilns right up until 2005 when the works was closed due to the gas bill becoming too costly to justify. The Dyson Group does still continue to produce ceramics in their Totley factory, just up the road.
      (The above was obviously stolen)   With the rest of team weasel either dogging or getting pissed in a field and watching gang violence it was left to
      Mr Fraggs and myself to invade Yorkshire once again but this time he insisted on beauty sleep so we set off at 8.15.
      The satnav in the venga bus has 3 options Eco (yeah right in an ST?), Fast and short, so for a change we chose short.
      Almost insantly it took is in a direction we didn't expect and soon we were passing through Farnworth (this is never a good thing but it is marginally better than living there), onwards we pushed trusting the very latest tech from the great Ford motor company and then we ended up in city centre Mancsville. EH?
      This wouldn't be too bad normally as we still had the bullet proof armour on from passing through Farnworth but every street we tried seemed to have roadworks and diversions. Eventually we popped out in the right place and managed to cross the border and find our target.
      Entry was easy even for us, no secca, no cameras no hassle. The place is large but fooked but it was a good couple of hours and some half decent graff. Here's a few pics.     Then a quick stop at a very pricey roadside cafe for an egg butty and a cup of coffee and job done. good little explore but a bit fooked 6/10 Thanks for looking Chaps and chapesses      
    • Courtaulds factory air raid shelters.
      OMG love these pictures!  Cannot believe it is just down the road!  xx